Church Music Scotland

resources and guidance for music in worship

Enabling Scottish churches to use music more effectively in worship

What is Church Music Scotland?

Church Music Scotland is continuing the work formerly done by the RSCM Scotland team, including:

  • support and guidance for clergy, worship leaders and musicians
  • singing days around the country
  • training for musicians and clergy
  • Young Scottish Voices
  • the annual Dunblane Summer School
  • events for singers, organists and other musicians

How will churches, worship leaders and musicians benefit?

Church Music Scotland’s activities will benefit churches in Scotland by

  • providing training for church musicians, choirs, young people (singers and instrumentalists), clergy, worship leaders and congregations,
  • giving opportunities for developing greater understanding of the role of music in worship
  • encouraging young people in singing and in playing instruments, including the organ

Working collaboratively with other organisations, the community will also benefit from a more joined-up and multifaceted approach to training. As individual musicians and worship leaders grow in competence and confidence, the community benefits from inspirational music in worship.

Our work will further benefit the members of the wider community who gather in churches at times of loss and celebration, as they experience and take part in sensitive and contextually appropriate music-making.

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2024 Events

We are organising events for 2024. Some will be online, available to you wherever you are; others will be in-person.

Canticles and Songs of Praise: Study and Sing (ended)

Saturday 11 May 2024, University of St Andrews

‘Canticles’ or scriptural hymns appear in the Bible distinct from the Book of Psalms, particularly in contexts of praise and celebration. 

Around 40 people joined staff and students from St Andrews University’s Sacred Music programme to explore some of these texts, using a range of different musical settings from the 16th century to the present day.

At the end of the day, others came to sing and pray together using this material in St Andrew’s Episcopal Church. 

Following last year’s highly successful Sing the Psalms Day, St Andrews’ Music Department is planning another, similar event next year: Study and Sing Hymns. We’re looking forward to it.

Dunblane Summer School

Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th July, Dunblane Cathedral

Sing wonderful music in Dunblane’s beautiful cathedral.

This inspiring course includes the dedication of Church Music Scotland during a Festal Choral Evensong on Wednesday 24th July at 5.30pm.

Directed by Matthew Beetschen, with voice coaches Susan Hamilton and Frances McCafferty, and workshop leaders Ian Munro and Alistair Warwick.

Kevin Duggan will play the fantastic Flentrop organ.

Dunblane Singing Day

Saturday 2nd November, Dunblane Cathedral

Directed by Matthew Beetschen, with Kevin Duggan (organ).

What people are saying

  • Looking forward to seeing this develop!
  • Keep up the excellent work, with a distinctly Scottish flavour.
  • Here we go!
  • Congratulations and let's get singing!
  • I sincerely hope it is a massive success.